Gerber Baby Cereal, 1st Foods, DHA & Probiotic Rice, 8 OZ

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These yummy cereals are a great way to introduce your little one to solid foods! Each serving has essential nutrients to help support healthy development from brain to belly – like DHA, calcium, iron and vitamins B and C. Probiotics help support healthy digestion when eaten every day. With all of this goodness, there’s no room for artificial colors or flavors — and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Customer Reviews

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Bella Allen
Perfect !!

Truly well balance food for my kiddo. It has Iron and all the vitamins for steady growth of my kiddo. sprat loves the taste and it has come his go- to food. truly pleased!

Leslie Turner
Great Product!

My baby likes this kind of rice paste very much. Every time he sees me hold it, he can't wait to eat it, so funny!

Aaren Saunders
Very Good Quality!

Its mix blend of protain and other nutrients in it. We love feeding this to baby tastes just fine. I keep it on hand all the time.

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