Gerber Organic Puffs - Cranberry Orange Fusion, 1.48 OZ Canister

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Delight in the harmonious blend of tangy cranberries and zesty oranges. Gerber's Organic Cranberry Orange Puffs are a delectable combination that offers a burst of flavor in every bite.

Nourish with Nature

Made from certified organic ingredients, these puffs deliver clean nutrition tailored for young, developing systems. Free from artificial preservatives and sweeteners, they are an honest treat from nature to your child's plate.

Enhanced Nutritional Profile

Rich in essential vitamins and minerals, these organic puffs support the growth and nutritional needs of your little explorer. A healthy snack that doesn’t compromise on taste.

Perfect for Tiny Grasps

Designed with your child's development in mind, these puffs are ideal for their small hands, refining their motor skills. Their melt-in-the-mouth texture ensures safety alongside pleasure.

Preservation of Authenticity

With each resealable canister, the integrity of the flavors is upheld. Experience the fresh scent and vibrant taste of cranberries and oranges every time.

Gerber’s Organic Promise

Committed to sustainability and holistic nutrition, Gerber ensures that every organic product meets stringent quality standards, assuring parents of the best for their child.

Customer Reviews

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Ella Murray
Best ever!

My baby likes this kind of puff very much. Every time he sees me hold it, he can't wait to eat it, so funny!

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