Gerber Organic Puffs - Luscious Fig Berry Blend, 1.48 OZ Canister

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Delightful Organic Fusion

Introducing the rich flavor profile of figs combined with a burst of berries. Gerber's Organic Fig Berry Puffs are a delightful treat that tantalizes the taste buds of your little one.

Melt-in-the-Mouth Goodness

Crafted to suit the palate and safety needs of your baby, these puffs possess a unique melt-in-the-mouth texture, ensuring they dissolve easily, reducing the risk of choking.


Packed with vital nutrients, each serving provides 2 grams of wholesome grains, 15% daily value of Vitamin E, and 20% daily value of Iron, supporting healthy growth, brain development, and learning abilities.

Pure and Wholesome

Committed to delivering nothing but the best, these puffs contain no artificial flavors or sweeteners. They are a testament to Gerber's commitment to pure, unadulterated nutrition.

Perfect for Little Hands

Specially designed for older babies who are mastering the art of self-feeding, these puffs are the ideal size for them to grasp, encouraging independence at meal times.

A Stamp of Quality

Reinforcing the brand's unwavering commitment to quality, these Organic Puffs are USDA-Certified and have the Non-GMO Project Verified seal, ensuring they meet the highest standards of organic nutrition.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Gabby Gardner
Amazing product

The flavour seems to be my daughter's preference, and I like the mineral content. It is very easy to digest and quite rich in all vitamins. Although the taste is only slightly genuine, she enjoys it and believes it to be her finest source of a healthy diet.

Cerys Khan
Very Good Quality

In the morning, it was definitely useful. My infant like the taste of the baby food and definitely loves it. Any parent seeking for something for their infant to consume in the morning should try this, in my view.

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