Gerber Waffle Wheels, Banana Cream, 1.48 OZ

Sale price$4.99


Nourish your older baby with whole grain goodness by serving Gerber Banana Cream Teether Wheels as a snack. Gerber Teether Wheels are a puffed grain snack that have 2 grams of whole grain goodness per serving and are a good source of Vitamin E and Iron to support your older baby's healthy growth and development. Gerber Teether Wheels are just the right size for your older baby to easily hold just one piece to help develop eating skills. A perfect teething snack for your little one! Gerber Teether Wheels help soothe gums and dissolve with no mess for quick clean up. Teether Wheels come in 2 great flavor varieties, and each serving provides 2 grams of whole grain goodness with no artificial flavors or colors.

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