Isosource 1.5 Cal, Calorically Dense Complete Nurition with Fiber, Unflavored, 8.45 FL OZ

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Fulfill your nutritional needs with Isosource® 1.5 Cal. It contains high levels of proteins, fats, fibers and calories in small servings, enabling it to provide a balanced diet to individuals with a low fluid tolerance or high caloric needs. Nestle Isosource® 1.5 Cal tube-feeding formula contains high amounts of soluble and insoluble fibers that enhance your digestive health and bowel function. Canola oil present in the formula is a dietary fat that helps manage body weight. It also contains casein and soy, which are good protein sources that reduce muscle breakdown and enhance lean body mass. It is suitable for gluten-free and kosher diets. Please discuss this product with your doctor before using it.

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