Koochikoo Sugar Free Organic Lollipop Display Box, 50 CT

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Koochikoo Sugar-Free Organic Lollipops

  • Made with a special pre-biotic tapioca base for a sugar substitute
  • 5g of tapioca per lollipop
  • GMO- and gluten-free
  • Vegan, kosher, and allergen-friendly
  • Long-lasting flavor

Customer Reviews

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Matthew Parsnick
Fantastic Product

Although they don't taste very sweet, my kids love these lollipops. For the most part, younger kids don't know the difference between a candy loaded with sugar that rots their teeth and something like this that doesn't so I'd suggest purchasing this product if you're looking to prevent future dental bills. In other sugar free lollipops, the sugar is replaced with a unnatural sweetener but not this one. I've read the ingredients on the side of the box and everything seems natural, even the dyes that give these lollipops different colors are plant derived if I'm remembering correctly.

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