Maxwell House International Decaf French Vanilla Mix, 4 OZ

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Maxwell House International French Vanilla Sugar-Free Decaf Instant Coffee has a consistent signature taste that is good to the last drop. This instant vanilla coffee mix is exceptionally smooth, and it's decaffeinated, so it's the perfect way to treat yourself any time of day. It's just one of the many delicious international coffee flavors from Maxwell House. The vanilla instant coffee flavor offers a rich, indulgent taste and works as a drink on its own or as a creamer in your hot beverages. Mix a mug of this decaf sugar-free coffee vanilla mix in hot water or milk without a brewer for instant indulgence. Instant decaf coffee packets are designed for making quick, easy and delicious cups of coffee. You can even use it to make quick and easy cold brew coffee with a vanilla iced coffee flavor. This low-calorie coffee is packaged in a 4-ounce resealable canister to lock in flavor between uses. Now, this small can is all you need - no more bulky brewers or clutter on your coffee bar. From lively light roasts to full-bodied dark blends, Maxwell House's signature taste has been created through a process that isn't been done the easy way, but the right way, for 125 years. Your next can of decaf coffee is just a click away. Discover all of the decaffeinated coffee products from Maxwell House today for more delicious decaf hot coffee and even decaf cold brew coffee.
  • Maxwell House International French Vanilla Decaf Sugar-Free Cafe Style Beverage Mix has a great taste
  • Light decaffeinated coffee drink with the creamy flavor of French vanilla coffee beans
  • Smooth texture as a coffee drink or as a creamer
  • Instant coffee dissolves in hot water or milk without a brewer
  • Packaged in a resealable canister

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Tara Gamble
Great Experience

I received the correct product quickly!
Thank you!

Aaron Nelson
Amazing product

It has a very distinctive taste of vanilla latte. I think no one can beat the taste and deliciousness of Maxwell house for French vanilla. My daughter loves this and the price is perfect for what you get. Amazing Coffee!

Sarah Green
Very Good Quality

Absolutely Love Maxwell House products! This flavor is good, not sweet at all so if you like sugar, Id go for a different flavor. Loved this one, and the Vanilla Caramel Latte is my favorite. Would 100% recommend.

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