Mrs. Meyer's Clementine Body Lotion, Clementine, 15.5 oz

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Mrs. Meyer's Clementine Body Lotion, 15.5 oz: Pure, Natural Nourishment

Embrace Nature with Clementine's Freshness

Step into the world of Mrs. Meyer's with their Clementine Body Lotion (15.5 oz), a concoction that encapsulates the vivacity of sun-kissed clementines in a hydrating formula.

Clementine Body Lotion: A Refreshing Citrus Retreat

Bask in the uplifting aroma of ripe clementines. This body lotion by Mrs. Meyer's not only envelops your senses in zesty freshness but also assures deep hydration, leaving your skin feeling soft and rejuvenated.

Mrs. Meyer's: Commitment to Nature's Best

Exempt from parabens, phthalates, and artificial colors, Mrs. Meyer’s Clementine Body Lotion stands as a testament to nature's purity. Produced cruelty-free, our lotion symbolizes a genuine commitment to our planet and its inhabitants.

The Trustables Assurance with Mrs. Meyer's

Each dollop of this body lotion doesn't just moisturize; it echoes the embrace of nature, the solace of genuine ingredients, and the promise of an eco-conscious choice.

Mrs. Meyer's – Natural ingredients, thoughtful care, and unmatched quality in every drop.

Explore the Diverse Mrs. Meyer’s Product Line

From body washes to cleaning agents, plunge into the extensive range of Mrs. Meyer’s products. Choose wisely, and recognize the manifold benefits they bestow upon your daily rituals.

Mrs. Meyer's Body Lotion - Clementine Euphoria

Indulge in a symphony of zesty citrus with Mrs. Meyer's Clementine body lotion. Precisely curated to impart a feeling of invigoration and freshness to your daily skincare while ensuring your skin remains moisturized and radiant.

Clementine Euphoria Lotion Key Features

  • Scent Profile: The invigorating aroma of fresh clementines ensures a refreshing sensation with each use.
  • Moisturizing Formula: Enriched with essential oils and other nurturing ingredients to ensure soft, hydrated skin.
  • Size Details: Handy 15.5 OZ bottle size assures prolonged skincare bliss.
  • Safe for Skin: Crafted without harmful chemicals, parabens, and phthalates, ensuring safe and gentle skin care.
  • Animal Friendly: Consciously produced using cruelty-free methods, respecting our animal companions.

Why Choose Mrs. Meyer's Clementine Body Lotion?

Upgrade your skincare routine with a lotion that provides more than just hydration. Dive into a world of citrus delight, balanced by the gentle care of natural ingredients.

Trustables Presents: A Citrusy Skin Delight

Introducing Mrs. Meyer's Clementine Body Lotion, exclusively brought to you by Trustables. Our undying dedication to quality resonates harmoniously with this lotion's moisturizing prowess and vibrant fragrance. With Mrs. Meyer's and Trustables joining forces, every application signifies a blend of purity, freshness, and true ingredients. Let your skin feel the natural touch that's both rejuvenating and trustable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Samantha G.
Love it!!

I've taken a couple of weeks to use this stuff before making my final judgments. Proud to say I I am a loyal user of Mrs. Meyer's lotions because of their great smell, consistency, and ingredients.

Brianna G.
Very Convenient

I love this lotion! My hands and legs are very dry and this lotion offers wonderful non-greasy moisture. The fragrance is light and fresh - my husband likes it too. Thank you trustables for prompt delivery.

Amelia M.
perfect for everyday

I never heard of lotion with Clementine fragrance. Amazing for winter, makes my hands very soft and gentle on the skin. I got it at a good discount with trustables too!

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