Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Body Wash, RainWater Scent, 16 ounce bottle

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Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day body wash is specifically made for total body cleansing, while also providing a special, singular scent for your entire home. Drops of rainwater fall on leaves and noses and fill the air. Our rainwater scented body wash has a scent so clean, hinting of white flowers. Splash in a puddle! This moisturizing body wash gives your skin the soothing, refreshing clean it deserves. Aloe vera gel, essential oils, flaxseed oil, and other thoughtfully chosen ingredients leave your skin smooth and soft as the delicate foam rinses clean. Also available in other garden inspired scents and products such as lotions, laundry detergents, candles, and so much more! Mrs. Meyer's – rooted in goodness.

Customer Reviews

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Daniel T.

I love the way it cleans my hands so thoroughly yet gently. With all the multiple washes a day this is actually restorative to my skin. I will purchase this again thank you Mrs. Meyer's

Elizabeth J.
Very Convenient

The product is a very gentle and perfect fragrance for my preference. Rainwater scent is very minute and pleasing. Cashbacks from trustables are just amazing.

Noah M.
perfect for everyday

Clean and refreshing fragrance in a nourishing formula that rinses completely. The scent is light, but boy is it incredible. Trustables 2 day shipping was amazing!

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