Mrs. Meyer's Honey Suckle Kitchen Set, Dish Soap, Hand Soap, and Multi-Surface Cleaner,

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Mrs. Meyer's Honey Suckle Kitchen Set: A Symphony of Freshness in Every Cleaning Task

Unmistakable Honeysuckle Fragrance

Indulge in the sweet, floral notes of honeysuckle with Mrs. Meyer's Kitchen Set. Each product encapsulates the aroma of blooming honeysuckle vines, turning everyday chores into a fragrant escape.

Honey Suckle Liquid Dish Soap

Wave goodbye to grease and grime with this powerful dish soap. Formulated to be tough on food residues but gentle on your hands, it ensures dishes come out sparkling clean with a fresh honeysuckle scent.

Honey Suckle Liquid Hand Soap

Pamper your hands with the rejuvenating feel of this liquid hand soap. Infused with essential oils and botanical extracts, it leaves your hands feeling soft, clean, and delightfully scented.

Honey Suckle Multi-Surface Cleaner

A versatile cleaner that's ready for any challenge. Whether it's countertops, walls, or any other surface, this multi-tasker gives dirt and dust no place to hide, all while filling the room with the captivating scent of honeysuckles.

Natural, Effective, and Kind

Mrs. Meyer's is committed to ensuring every product is thoughtfully formulated with plant-derived ingredients. It's a brand that cares - about you, your home, and the planet. The Kitchen Set is cruelty-free, made without parabens, phthalates, or artificial colors.

Mrs. Meyer's - Rooted in Goodness

From the garden to your home, Mrs. Meyer's brings the essence of nature into every room. Dive into a world where cleaning is a pleasure, and the air is always fragrant.

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Products

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day products bring garden-inspired scents to all the products that revolve around you. From the delightful scents of Lavender and Acorn Spice to the refreshing and invigorating scent of Lilac, find the scent you love for all your everyday use items including:

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Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Sophia Taylor
Best ever!

I love the combo of kitchen cleaners. Mrs Mayers makes one of the best cleaners with amazing fragrances. I am very happy with Dishwash liquid and multisurface cleaners, leaves streak free clean kitchen!

Yesenia Mcknight
Very Good Quality

This is really convenient for me. I have toddler always spilling something on tiles, it comes really handy every time I clean, Quick Sprey and wiping with simple cloth does the job. Handwash is pretty good. Love how all my kitchen needs wrap up in one!

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