Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Spring & Everyday Liquid Hand Soap 6, 12.5OZ Bottle Variety Pack w/1 ea of Rose, Mint, Lilac, Basil, Lavender, & Lemon Verbena

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Get the most out of your hand washing experience with Mrs. Meyer's Spring Everyday Scents Variety Pack with 6 wonderful smelling 12.5oz bottles Liquid Hand Soap scents including 1 Rose, 1 Mint, 1 Lilac, 1 Basil, 1 Lavender, 1 Lemon Verbena hand soap bottle. 

Mrs. Meyer's Spring & Everyday Scent Hand Soap Variety Pack

With 6 scents including one 12.5 ounce bottle of Rose, Mint, Lilac, Basil, Lavender & Lemon Verbena Mrs. Meyer's Cruelty-Free Hand Soaps made with essential oils, aloe vera, olive oil, and other thoughtfully chosen ingredients to give you an invigorating smell at home and your business.

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Liquid Hand Soaps

Your hands have never had it so good! 

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day hand soaps are specifically made to clean and freshen hands without drying while giving you the perfect scent for every mood, occasion and season!

Perfect for your home and your business, Mrs. Meyer’s Liquid Hand Soap contains thoughtfully chosen ingredients including olive oil, aloe vera, and essential oils, that clean and freshen hands while leaving them soft.

Mrs. Meyer's Cruelty Free Hand Soaps

Made without parabens, phthalates, animal-derived ingredients, Mrs. Meyer’s Liquid Hand Soaps are always cruelty free & never tested on animals.

Washing Your Hands With Mrs. Meyers Liquid Hand Soap

Moisten your hands, then add a pump of Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Liquid Hand Soap and rub soap into a lather. The longer you rub your hands, the cleaner they become. Rinse completely and enjoy garden inspired scents and products such as body lotions, laundry detergents, candles, and so much more! 

Mrs. Meyer's – rooted in goodness.

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Customer Reviews

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love this

I can't find this variety pack anywhere else. 3 spring scents with 3 classic Mrs. Meyer's scents? Count me it!

Andy D
Great gift

Gentlemen, introducing you to an easy gift for the mother in laws You're welcome

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