Mrs. Meyer's Radish Scented Kitchen Set, Dish Soap, Hand Soap, and Multi-Surface Cleaner

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Mrs. Meyer's Radish Kitchen Cleaning Set

Refresh your kitchen with the invigorating aroma and powerful cleaning abilities of Mrs. Meyer's Radish Scented Kitchen Set. This trio — Dish Soap, Hand Soap, and Multi-Surface Cleaner — offers a unified, garden-fresh scent while ensuring every corner of your kitchen is spotless.

Included in the Radish Kitchen Set:

Radish Multi-Surface Everyday Cleaner

This cleaner isn't just for spills and messes. It actively removes odors from the kitchen and bathroom, making every room feel garden-fresh. Its main ingredient, Vegetable Protein Extract, is a unique formula element that neutralizes kitchen odors and bathroom smells. It's perfect for cleaning non-porous surfaces like wood, tiles, counters, walls, and more.

Radish Dish Soap

A hero against grease, this dish soap is gentle on hands but tough on dirty dishes. The plant-derived cleaning ingredients make sure that dishes are not only clean but also shine without any residue. It's the magic of Radish in every drop, making the washing up a more enjoyable task.

Radish Hand Soap

After all that cleaning, your hands deserve some love. This hand soap does more than clean; it invigorates. Made with olive oil, aloe vera, and essential oils, it ensures your hands are clean, fresh, and moisturized. The Radish scent, with its crisp and peppery snap, adds that extra zing.

Why Choose Mrs. Meyer's Radish Kitchen Set?

  • Unified Scent: The brilliance of Radish scent is not just in its unique aroma but in its capability to evoke the freshness of a garden. Every product in this set carries this scent, ensuring uniformity.

  • Garden-Inspired Freshness: The Radish, with its vibrant scent profile, has a crispness that cannot be ignored. It's like bringing a piece of the garden indoors.

  • Cruelty-Free: Kindness is at the core of Mrs. Meyer's products. None of the items in this set, or any other Mrs. Meyer’s products, are tested on animals. They are made without parabens, phthalates, and animal-derived ingredients.

Rediscover the joy of a clean kitchen and the uplifting aroma of Radish with Mrs. Meyer's Radish Kitchen Cleaning Set. As with all Mrs. Meyer’s products, it’s always rooted in goodness.

Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Products

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Ann Kuhn
Mrs. Meyer’s Haul

Best deal! Very happy with my purchase. Will definitely be shopping here again.

Cynthia Machida
Love it!

Great cleaner, dish soap and hand soap! It smells very nice. Not too much. I bought a dish soap for all my girls. Will buy again.

Evelyn Howard
Best ever!

I love the Radish fragrance. Its unique smell and very refreshing after each handwash is pretty amazing. Soap itself is very easy to work and clean dirty hands and dishes pretty effortlessly.

Isabel Luna
Very Good Quality

I love this Dish soap, foam up quickly and really makes quick to clean the dishes. It's soft on hands and hard on stains. Love it!

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