Mrs. Meyer's Soy Candle, Iowa Pine, 7.2 OZ

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Mrs. Meyer's Soy Candle in Iowa Pine: A Breath of Fresh Forest

Unleash the invigorating spirit of a dense pine forest with Mrs. Meyer's Iowa Pine Soy Candle. Perfect for those who appreciate the crisp, woody notes of pine trees, this 7.2 oz candle effortlessly evokes memories of winter hikes, holiday festivities, and serene forest retreats.

Capturing the Essence of Pine

The robust scent of Iowa Pine is wonderfully fresh and uplifting. It’s as if you've stepped into a wintry forest, where snow-capped pines stand tall and the air is pure and invigorating.

Sustainable Illumination

Crafted with vegetable-based ingredients and a lead-free wick, this soy candle burns cleanly for your peace of mind. It's designed to offer a prolonged burn time, ensuring that the lush scent of pine graces your living spaces for hours on end.

Nature's Charm in a Jar

The recyclable glass jar, which houses this fragrant wonder, is minimalist yet elegant, making it a tasteful addition to any decor. Light it up to set a calming ambiance during your relaxation moments or to simply infuse your surroundings with the earthy aroma of pine.

Mrs. Meyer's Dedication to Nature

True to the brand's ethos, this candle is a celebration of nature's beauty. From its natural ingredients to the authentic Iowa Pine fragrance, Mrs. Meyer’s is indeed rooted in nature's inherent goodness.

Customer Reviews

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Elizabeth J.
Worked out quite Well

The candle is made from Soy Wax and Essential Oils - so, buy the candle. It's just incredible, it has all-natural ingredients and is very respectful of the environment. Came nicely packed from trustables.

Oliver J.
perfect for everyday

Never heard of this Iowa pine fragrance, but trust me it is amazing and not too strong! It does not overwhelm my senses. Trustables shipped to me just in 2 days.

Elijah T.

Mrs. Meyer's Iowa pine scented candle is fabulous. Burns rather clean no black patches, even after a few hours... Donna from Trustables went through my questions and made me a great deal. S/O to their customer support

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