Mrs. Meyer's Snow Drop Soy Candle, 7.2 OZ

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Mrs. Meyer's Snow Drop Soy Candle: A Whiff of Wintry Elegance

Introducing the sheer magic of winter to your living spaces, Mrs. Meyer's Snow Drop Soy Candle is a captivating blend of frosty elegance and cozy warmth. This 7.2 oz delight is the embodiment of snowflakes silently adorning the earth, evoking the quiet beauty of a serene winter morning.

Embrace the Purity of Snow

Snow Drop’s fragrance is reminiscent of the first snowfall of the season - pure, delicate, and breathtakingly pristine. Lighting up this candle feels like wrapping yourself in a soft snow-blanket, mesmerizing and tranquil.

Natural Luminescence

Infused with natural vegetable-based ingredients and paired with a lead-free wick, this soy candle ensures a clean and prolonged burn. It promises hours of aromatic pleasure, filling your abode with the spellbinding scent of wintry freshness.

Elegance in Every Detail

The glass jar, which cradles this winter-inspired fragrance, is both recyclable and exquisitely designed, effortlessly blending with any home decor. Its minimalist aesthetic further accentuates the purity and elegance of the snow drop essence it holds within.

Mrs. Meyer's Commitment to Authenticity

Staying true to its dedication towards capturing the essence of nature, this candle is a testament to Mrs. Meyer's unwavering commitment to natural ingredients and authentic fragrances. As always, Mrs. Meyer's remains rooted in the bountiful goodness of nature.

Customer Reviews

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Ryan T.
Very Convenient

I bought this candle to gift someone and they loved it! Who doesn't love a good candle & everyone loves this brand so it's a win-win. maybe I'll stock up and have candles on hand to gift out

Taylor H.
Love it!!

Good to know that candles are made from cottonseed and soy wax!! Love my soy candles... Very environmentally-friendly material went into making this candle. Took about 10 min to fill up a room with a fresh smell. coming back for more of course

William G.
Very Good

The candle has soy extracted which smells so good. Very muted scent, amazing how it lasts so long and stays consistent. Trustables Gave me a discounted price than others and got it on same-day delivery.

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