Mrs. Meyer's Tin Candle, Honeysuckle, 2.9 OZ

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  • What's cleverly contained in our honeysuckle candle? The garden-fresh scent of honeysuckle
  • It's made with plant-derived soy wax
  • Chock-full of thoughtfully chosen ingredients and fragrant essential oils
  • Cruelty-free formula. Of course
  • It's a long burning candle with a lead-free wick. That gives you twelve hours of smooth burn time

If you could make household chores more pleasant, well, why wouldn’t you? Long burning Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Tin Candles are made with plant-derived soy wax and are chock-full of thoughtfully chosen ingredients and essential oils. Delightfully decorative, this travel tin candle looks just darling, and makes a great gift. You’ll have plenty of time to clean or relax while enjoying your favorite garden-fresh scent: the lead-free wick has a 12-hour burn time. And to make what’s already great even better, you can choose from six of our best-loved garden-inspired scents.

Customer Reviews

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Joshua L.
Great Quality

First, the container is very pretty. The candle itself has a soft scent to it that gently fills the room. It burns slowly which is a wonderful plus, especially when a candle scent is so delightful. Thank you!

Mia F.
Worked out quite Well

I bought the Honeysuckle scented candle as a gift for my stepmother and she loved it! It's very pretty and fits with her bathroom decor perfectly. It was delivered overnight with no issues, and the price is VERY fair for what you receive.

William C.
Worked out quite Well

I used to purchase a lot of candles and was amazed at this purchase. Got long-lasting scent and it was decent too. Loved the scent Honeysuckle.

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