Natch Air Fresh Lifestyle Insoles (EU 39) (USW 8.5, USM 6), 1 CT

Sale price$7.99


  • Ultralight, extremely breathable insole for any kind of sports or leisure shoe
  • Fresh, dry feet thanks to breathable functional fibers including COOLMAX
  • COOLMAX rapidly wicks moisture away from the foot. The COOLMAX fiber surface is up to 25% higher than in normal polyester fiber, speeding up and improving moisture wicking
  • Soft cushion layer ensuring a comfortable fit
Natch! AIRFRESH - This ultralight, extremely breathable insole with coconut fiber is ideal for any type of sports or leisure footwear, ensuring a comfortable fit and perfect freshness in your shoe. The thin and air-permeable foam cushions your foot. The coconut fiber is also air-permeable and provides the necessary stability. The upper layer is made of a breathable functional fiber with COOLMAX which quickly wicks moisture away.


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