Natch Dynamic 100 Performance Insoles (EU 43) (USW 12, USM 10), 1 CT

Sale price$14.99


  • Dynamic footbed for any indoor or outdoor sport
  • Perfect for activities involving varying speeds or quick stops and turns
  • Perfect torsion control and extremely effective heel and longitudinal arch support; Protects the joints
  • DDC - DOUBLE DYNAMIC CUSHION for excellent pressure relief. Lightweight elastic composite material that effectively absorbs impact on the foot from contact with the ground and passes the energy back to the front as you pushforward, while also giving you the stability you need during fast movements. Especially effective relief during hard, quick stops and turns
Sports footbed for sports athletes with dynamic movements and quick stops and turns. Natch! Dynamic 100 - the footbed with deep shell for high-impact, court sports athletes. Dynamic 100 gives your foot perfect torsion control and excellent grip during any kind of activity with varying speeds as well as quick stops and turns. The special DOUBLE DYNAMIC CUSHION foam cushions your feet from extreme pressure, relieving your joints and ankles. The latex padding around the heel and big toe minimize impact, and the breathable functional fiber with Coolmax quickly wicks moisture away.


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