Natch Energy 8 Motion Insoles (EU 45) (USM 12), 1 CT

Sale price$12.99


  • Sturdy insulated footbed for all kinds of recreational sports
  • High-quality aluminum-nylon blend with felt layer is very effective at keeping your shoes warm and insulates your shoes from the cold underneath
  • Optimizes foot support; distributes pressure and protects the joints
  • Activated carbon absorbs odors
  • Built for long life and durability in extreme situations of use
A sturdy high-insulation allround footbed for any recreational athlete gives you a high degree of stability with a soft, velvety feel. The felt layer and high-quality aluminium and nylon composite keeps the warmth in your shoe with perfect insulation against the cold from underneath; the latex heel pad minimises pressure on impact from the ground, relieving the joints and ligaments.

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