O-Cedar PowerCorner Small Angler Broom with 3 Piece Handle, 1 CT

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You love your pet but sweeping after their messes is no walk in the park. The new PowerCorner® Pet Pro Broom & Step On Dust Pan is specially designed for pet owners and their furry friends. 
  • REMOVES 99% DUST & DIRT IN ONE SWEEP: Flare-Tip® Memory Bristles capture fine dust and hair on all hard surfaces
  • EFFECTIVELY SWEEP AGAINST WALLS & CORNERS: Double Bristle Technology allows firm black bristles to thoroughly pull dirt from corners
  • DIFFERENT BRISTLE TYPES: Double Bristle Technology features semi-soft gray bristles to capture and move dirt effectively
  • SWEEP EFFICIENTLY: 12” sweeping width
  • MADE FROM RECYCLED MATERIAL: Bristles made from 80% recycled plastic
  • 3-PIECE HANDLE: Easy-to-assemble, durable handle

The broom features a distinctive V shape that has two times the floor contact as conventional brooms. That means it sweeps up pet hair in one sweep*.

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Tilly Byrne
Very Good Quality

As a senior citizen, I am looking for more ways to clean quickly and easily with easy to use maps. This does not require buying special products or have extra gadget parts that can be difficult. Highly recommended!

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