PORQ BBQ & Zesty Chipotle Flavored Pork Rinds, 4 OZ

Size: 4 Pack
Sale price$16.99


PORQ Artisanal Fried Pork Rinds with Smoke Flavor Added, BBQ & Zesty Chipotle Flavored Pork Rinds are made with premium rinds with PÖRQ being perfect for those who love pork snacks and layers of flavor.

PORQ BBQ & Zesty Chipotle Are The Perfect Craveable Snack

We promise you won’t miss the added salt with these craveable snacks inspired by flavors from top kitchens pairing delicious taste with the unique, airy crispness of pork rinds. Keto Friendly: Look no further if you’re in search of a snack that fits your lifestyle and still packs a flavorful punch.

The smoky sweetness of BBQ brown sugar, cut with the tangy slow heat of chipotle peppers—these pork rinds will satisfy the savviest snackers.

PORQ Gluten Free Pork Rinds

Leading a gluten free lifestyle can be a challenge. Sometimes mystery ingredients are added to replace the gluten. Or gluten substitutes result in a taste and texture that leave you dissatisfied.

That’s why naturally gluten free snacks like PÖRQ artisanal rinds make sticking to your plan easy! 40% Less Sodium: Significantly less sodium than the leading pork snack brand, but ALL of the flavor.

Ketogenic and Macro-Friendly Snacks

PORQ BBQ & Zesty Chipotle Flavored Pork Rinds are ketogenic and macro-friendly snacks with 0 gram carbs, 8 grams of protein and only 80 calories per serving.

Made with premium rinds, PÖRQ is for those who love pork snacks and layers of flavor.

Our artisanal fried pork skins are a satisfying source of protein that are gluten free, have 0 carbs, and 0g of trans fat per serving.

With 40% less sodium than other leading brands and 8 or more grams of protein per half-cup serving, this airy yet filling low-carb snack is an easy choice.

For even more PORQ goodness, try our Smoky Black Pepper & Sea Salt and Fine Herbs & Vinaigrette flavors.

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