Shameless Pets Bananas for Bacon Soft-Baked Biscuit, 6 OZ

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  • TREATS THAT SUPPORT SKIN & COAT HEALTH: These Shameless Pets Soft-Baked Dog Treats (Bananas for Bacon) feature sweet bananas, real bacon, and a hint of peanut butter that supports your pups coat. A treat fit for a furry king or queen!
  • EASY ON DOGS' STOMACHS & DIGESTIVE SYSTEMS: Our superfood-infused dog treats are grain-free (no corn, soy, wheat), contain no artificial flavors, and are loaded with wholesome, natural, and locally-sourced ingredients.
  • IDEAL FOR ALL DOG SIZES & AGES: We create dog treats for small, medium, and large dogs and puppies! Since the dog biscuits have a soft, chewy texture, they can be broken into smaller pieces to use for puppy training, teaching tricks, or for older dogs who prefer soft foods.
  • MADE WITH UPCYCLED INGREDIENTS & SUSTAINABLE PRACTICES: We rescue unused ingredients and upcycle them to make our treats! This means every bag of our treats decreases food waste while saving valuable resources.
  • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA: All of our creative, delicious treats are made here in the USA by nutritionists using the finest, locally-sourced ingredients.
Added bacon and natural peanut butter to make treats fit for a king and to add more shine to your pup's coat! Thank you, thank you very much!

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