Shameless Pets Catnip N Chill, 2.5 OZ

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  • CAT TREATS THAT SUPPORT DIGESTIVE HEALTH: Shameless Pets Crunchy Cat Treats (Catnip N Chill) includes superfood ingredients, such as fresh catnip, sweet potato, and real chicken. Our cat treats are even packed with pre and probiotics to boost digestion in your furry feline friend!
  • MADE WITH UPCYCLED SWEET POTATOES: We work with farmers to rescue their imperfect sweet potatoes that have all the same healthy nutrients. This means every bag of our treats decreases food waste while saving valuable resources.
  • REAL MEAT IS FIRST INGREDIENT: Cats really want real meat. That is why fresh chicken is the first ingredient!
  • EASY ON CAT'S STOMACHS & DIGESTIVE SYSTEMS: Our low-calorie cat treats (only 1.5 calories per treat) are free from artificial ingredients, corn, and soy while still loaded with wholesome, all-natural, and locally-sourced ingredients. Cats of all ages, sizes, and breeds can enjoy!
  • PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA: All of our creative, delicious pet treats are made here in the USA by nutritionists using the finest, locally-sourced ingredients and sustainable practices.
Blend of chicken, catnip, and pre/probiotics to support digestion, which may help eliminate hairballs.

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