Shoeboy's Fresh Active Insoles - Activated Carbon Filter, Absorbs Foot Odor, Breathable Padded Polyester Fabric, Anti Slip - Women's

Size: 6.5
Sale price$6.99


  • The activated carbon powerfully absorbs foot odor, keeping your feet fresh
  • The tough fabric ensures lasting service, and the perforated underside keeps the air moving in your shoe
  • Breathable padded polyester fabric with cushioning effect
  • Activated carbon filter
  • Anti-slip, activated carbon-enriched cushioning

Functional fiber fabric with active-carbon filter and latex-foam base. The active carbon highly effectively absorbs foot odor, keeping your feet fresh. The tough fabric used gives the insole lasting strength, while the perforated base keeps the air moving in your shoes. Breathable and ideal for shoes with TEX membrane. With Shoeboy’s soles and insoles, you can intensify the comfort of your shoes all year round – and improve the climate. Warming soles in winter, cooling soles in summer, odor reduction through activated carbon and foot cushioning. Shoeboy’s insoles provide improved hold in the shoe and relieve tension on muscles, tendons and ligaments, correctly distributing foot, ankle and ball support. This improved support helps make the whole body feel more comfortable.

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