Shoeboy’s Leather Cream with Applicator Sponge - Care, Nourishment & Protection for Smooth Leathers - 75 ML

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  • Shoeboy's Leather Cream can be used on all smooth leathers.
  • Active agents include fruit waxes, beeswax, waterproofing agent and color pigments (in color variation).
  • Use Leather Cream for intensive care, nourishment, and protection from dirt and wetness for all smooth & sensitive leathers.
  • Works to preserve the breathability of TEX membranes. Provides color refreshment with high-quality color pigments and has a color-activating effect that helps to conceal scratches and scuffed leather. Also boosts shine.
  • Extensive color range. Pleasant scent. Solvent-free. Applicator sponge included.

Leather in particular, as a natural product a little like our skin, needs regular protection and care. But other upper materials also keep their beautiful appearance longer if they are treated regularly with the correct shoe care products. Before treatment, always start by removing dirt and dust. Apply Shoeboy's Leather Cream and then polish it off, applying slight pressure.

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