Shoeboy's Nano Protect Ultimate Shoe Waterproofing & Dirt Repellent Spray, 400 ML

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Shoeboy's Nano Protect Boot & Shoe Waterproofing Spray 400 ML is a highly-effective water and dirt repelling solution.
Protect your shoes & boots with Nano Protect for longer and the high durability makes the solution ideal for protecting sports shoes from water, moisture and everything else that gets in your way.

Shoe & Boot Waterproofing Spray

  • Powerful water-resistant and dirt-repellent qualities from nano structures on the surface of the material (no nano-particles)
  • Water simply runs off, and dirt cannot adhere to surface
  • The breathability of the material is completely preserved
  • Suitable for most materials

Powerful protection against rain and soiling for any type of material. Forms nano-scale structures on the material surface with no nano-particles. Water runs off, and dirt has no way of adhering to the surface; material remains fully breathable. Not suitable for patent leather or stretch materials.

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