Shoeboy's Premium Delicate Gel Shoe Care Cream, Neutral - 50 ML Glass Jar

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  • For any sensitive, smooth, suede or patent leather. Also suitable for synthetic leather (depending on the material, test first on a less exposed spot of the shoe).
  • Active agents include mild cleansing agent, nourishing silicone oil & fragrance.
  • Mild cleansing and care gel for all delicate leathers. Ideal for material mixes. Also effectively removes soiling.
  • Mild cleaning and conditioning action that is gentle while also preserving the natural look of the material.
  • Pleasant fragrance.

The complete Shoeboy’s range, made in our own production facilities, combines tradition, product innovation and outstanding expertise. High-qual-ity ingredients and materials, continuous further development and an instinct for fashion needs make Shoeboy’s the perfect range for today’s shoes and leather clothing.

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