Shoeboy's Sensation Insoles - Support for Pressure Zones, Viscoelastic Foam, Breathable Cotton Blend - Men's & Women's

Size: Women's 8.5
Sale price$8.99


  • Sensation insoles are based on the supporting nature of viscoelastic foam that molds itself perfectly to the pressure zones on the foot
  • Ideal for situations that are hard on your feet, such as long periods of standing or walking
  • Sensation insoles combine an active lifestyle with individual functionality, the memory foam adjusting to the exact contours of the foot
  • Breathable cotton blend, gentle to the skin; Visco-elastic SMS (Shoeboy’s Memory Support) foam; Durable latex base with activated carbon and a non-slip surface
  • Ideal for any kind of sports, leisure and business footwear

Extremely soft step and a more snug fit in your shoe; the extreme cushioning effect helps protect your joints, preventing fatigue. Breathable top layer in cotton blend on a sturdy latex underside. Suitable for any sports or leisure footwear. With Shoeboy’s soles and insoles, you can intensify the comfort of your shoes all year round – and improve the climate. Warming soles in winter, cooling soles in summer, odor reduction through activated carbon and foot cushioning. Shoeboy’s insoles provide improved hold in the shoe and relieve tension on muscles, tendons and ligaments, correctly distributing foot, ankle and ball support. This improved support helps make the whole body feel more comfortable.

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