Shoeboy's Shoe Care Variety Pack, 1 Water Protect Spray 200 ML & 1 Multi Clean Bottle with Brush 75 ML , 1 CT

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  • Use Shoeboy’s Water Protect on all smooth and rough leathers, textiles and all items with Tex materials; Preserves the breathability of Tex membranes, thus recommended for Gore-Tex, Sympatex and any other TEX materials; Also ideal for leather clothing
  • Shoeboy’s Water Protect provides effective moisture protection against rain and wetness and also works as an effective dirt repellent; Active agents include waterproofing agents, additives and nutrients, propellant
  • Shoeboy’s Multi Clean can be used on all materials (except sensitive soft, metallic and patent leathers as well as leather with color or effect finishes). Active agents include surfactants (cleaning substances) & lemon oil.
  • Shoeboy’s Multi Clean provides intensive, thorough cleaning of suitable materials. Removes even persistent dirt and spots, including old shoe cream and coloring layers. Also effective against snow stains.
  • Water Protect - Universal application: Propellant spray with a fine spray nozzle; Multi Clean - Enhanced cleaning effect thanks to brush/sponge applicator; Easy to use and highly effective shoe care variety pack

Shoeboy’s Water Protect Spray: Care and protection against rain and soiling for leathers, fabrics, synthetic fibers and combination materials. Recommended for clothing and shoes with Gore-Tex, Sympatex or any other type of TEX membrane. Not suitable for patent leather or stretch materials. Shoeboy’s Water Protect Spray provides effective protection from wetness and dirt while also working to preserve the breathability of the material. This product contains agent ingredients (waterproofing agents additives and nutrients propellant). Universal Application: Propellant spray with a fine spray nozzle. How to Use: Remove dirt and dust. Spray gently and evenly from around a foot (approx. 30 cm) away. Do not soak! Leave sufficient time to dry. Repeat for best protection results. Use spray before you put on your new shoes for the first time and later after applying an appropriate care product. Shoeboy’s Multi Clean: Intensive stain remover with deep cleansing properties for all leathers and textile materials. Also suitable for caps. The cleaning performance is enhanced by the use of the brush and sponge applicator. (Not recommended for delicate, soft leathers.) Solvent-free. How to Use: Remove coarse dirt. Test the product for color compatibility on a place that won't be seen. Hold the bottle straight downwards and work the product into the surface with the brush applicator. Then thoroughly clean your shoes off with plain water. Always treat shoes in pairs. Repeat if necessary. After drying, treat smooth leathers with an appropriate care product, then polish off. Treat rough leathers with a Shoeboy's Velour Nubuck Care product and brush up after drying.


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