Shoeboy's Shoe Cream Polish, Greige - Nourishes, Protects & Freshens Color for High Quality Smooth Leathers - 50 ML Glass Jar

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  • Shoeboy’s Shoe Cream Polish works to nourish, protect and freshen up color all at the same time.
  • Active ingredients include beeswax, other refined waxes, color intensifier, care agents & waterproofing agent.
  • Intensive care and nourishment for any smooth leather. Protects against wetness and soiling. Preserves the breathability of TEX-materials.
  • Special highly refined waxes freshen up colors and restore the leather to a perfect shine. Great selection of trendy and natural colors. Colorless neutral version reactivates all other colors.
  • Cosmetic fragrance. Solvent-free.

Shoe Cream for high-quality smooth leathers. Nourishes with refined waxes, freshens up colors and restores perfect shine. Great selection of trendy and natural colors. Protects and retains the breathable quality of the leather. Solvent-free. Leather in particular, as a natural product a little like our skin, needs regular protection and care. But other upper materials also keep their beautiful appearance longer if they are treated regularly with the correct shoe care products. Before treatment, always start by removing dirt and dust.

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