Shoeboy’s Sneaker Cleaner - Removes Soiling & Stains - 75 ML

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  • Intensive cleaning for sneakers of most material as well as light-colored soles, sole-edges and caps
  • Removes soiling and stains
  • Cleaning action enhanced by combined brush and sponge applicator
  • Easy and effective to use
  • Dermatologically tested

Do not use on sensitive soft leathers, metallic or patent leather as well as materials with effect color-finishes or leather without wet fastness. How to Use: Remove coarse dirt and dust. Test if material is colorfast. Hold the bottle straight downwards and work the product into the surface with the brush applicator. Brush off residues with a damp cloth or wash the sneakers under running water. Always treat shoes in pairs. Repeat application if necessary. Leave to dry thoroughly. When dry waterproof the shoes with Shoeboy’s Sneaker Protector.

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