Product Name: Shoeboy's Soft Cotton Insoles - 100% Cotton, Gentle to Skin, Latex Foam Cushioning, Antislip – Men’s & Women’s

Size: Men's 9, Women's 11.5
Sale price$5.99


The ideal insole for those who prefer to go sockless. 100% cotton cools your feet, while the perforated latex base keeps air moving, cushions your feet, and prevents slippage inside the shoe. They are skin-friendly with an edge trim that keeps the insole in shape and can be hand-washed up to 30°C / 85°F. Shoeboy's insoles not only provide comfort but also ensure foot health by relieving tension in muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Available in both adult and children's sizes.

Shoeboy's Soft Cotton Insole Features

  • 100% cotton material
  • Perforated latex base for air circulation and cushioning
  • Ridged profile for anti-slip
  • Hand-washable up to 30°C / 85°F
  • Edge trim for shape retention

Shoeboy's Soft Cotton Insole Available Sizes (SKU)

  • Women's 5.5 (SKU: 4009736220108-1) 
  • Women's 6.5 (SKU: 4009736220115-1) -
  • Men's 8, Women's 10.5 (SKU: 4009736220153-1) 
  • Men's 9, Women's 11.5 (SKU: 4009736220160-1)
  • Men's 10, Women's 12 (SKU: 4009736220177-1) 
  • Men's 11 (SKU: 4009736220184-1) 
  • Men's 12 (SKU: 4009736220191-1) 

Price: $5.99 per pair

Brand: Shoeboy's

Special Mention: Shoeboy's insoles adapt to the changing needs of your feet, offering warmth in the winter and cool comfort in the summer. They are designed to reduce odor, provide foot cushioning, and give improved hold in the shoe.

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