Shoeboy's Trend Care Foam Spray, Neutral - Preserves Elasticity of Material & Provides Intensive Care - 150 ML

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  • For all patent, trend, stretch and high-tech leather materials as well as synthetics and combinations of these materials with leather.
  • Intensive care for fashion trend and patent leather materials. Suitable for items made of leather and other materials.
  • Preserves the natural elasticity of trend and patent leather. Protects synthetic leather with special components that keep surfaces from turning hard and brittle – for looks that will last.
  • Active agents include waxes and oils, additives and nutrients, special elasticity-preserving active agents and propellants.
  • Easy-to-apply creamy foam spray.

Suitable for trend, stretch, or high-tech materials including synthetics or combinations with genuine leather. Provides intensive care while preserving the material‘s natural elasticity. This gentle formula protects the surface on fashion shoes, bags and jackets from brittleness for lasting beauty.

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