Shoeboy's Velour Nubuck Care Stick, Medium Brown, 75 ML

Sale price$6.99


  • For all rough leathers (suede and nubuck) and fabrics in fashionable, intensive or delicate colors.
  • Ideal for all colors and color combinations. Intensive color-refreshing effect and color activation.
  • Intensive care through high-value nutrients. Protects material while sustaining its breathability, thus recommended for shoes and clothes with TEX-membranes.
  • Active agents include color activator (multicolor product for multicolored leathers), color pigments (color variations), additives and nutrients, binding agent and waterproofing agent.
  • Easy to apply-even indoors since no spray is produced. Available in a variety of colors. Solvent-Free.


Treats and protects all rough leathers, textiles, and TEX-materials. Activates and freshens the colors. Available as a neutral color stick and in a variety of colors. Solvent-free.

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