Shore Lunch Oven Style Fish Breading Mix, 6 oz

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  • Shore Lunch Oven Style Breading, 6oz box
  • Oven Style Breading is an easy-to-prepare crunchy breading that brings out the best in your favorite foods
  • One box of Oven Style Breading coats about 2-3 pounds of fish.
  • Each box of Shore Lunch Oven Style Breading contains approximately 6 servings
For generations, fishing guides handed down their homemade recipe for fish batter. Beloved by fishermen and everyone alike, it became known as the Old Guide’s Secret. This recipe, now synonymous with the flavor of the outdoors, is brought to life as the Shore Lunch Brand, making it the perfect addition to add rich flavor to the latest catch. Rich and savory, all of our mixes are intended to make it easy for you to serve up delicious, homemade meals in a fraction of the time. What You Need: 1 pound of thawed fish fillets; 1 egg, beaten; cooking oil or non-stick cooking spray and about 1/2 cup Shore Lunch Oven Style Breading. 1 box of Shore Lunch Oven Style Breading coats about 2-3 pounds of fish. Use 4 eggs, beaten, when using the entire box. Shore Lunch offers a variety of breading and batter flavors as well as soups! So whether on the shore or in the kitchen, Shore Lunch Breading is where the journey to outdoor flavor begins.

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Jason Roberts
Very Good Quality

This chilli blend is fantastic. We receive compliments and it's very simple to use. Once you add a can of kidney beans, the consistency is thick enough in my opinion.

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