Stephen's Gourmet Citrus & Spice Wassail Hot Cocoa Mix, 16 oz

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Stephen's Gourmet: A Fusion of Cocoa Elegance and Traditional Wassail

Awaken your senses to a symphony of flavors with Stephen's Gourmet Citrus & Spice Wassail Hot Cocoa. By blending the revered essence of classic hot cocoa with the age-old tradition of wassail—a drink celebrated for its invigorating citrus and spicy notes—we invite you to a beverage experience unlike any other.

The Nostalgic Allure of Wassail Meets Cocoa Grandeur

In this unique blend, Stephen's Gourmet achieves a harmonious marriage of the velvety richness of cocoa and the zesty allure of citrus, peppered with a melange of spices. This adventurous blend is both a nod to tradition and an embrace of innovation.

Discover the Magic of Citrus & Spice Wassail Cocoa

  • Indulge in the best of both worlds with this masterful blend, where chocolate depth meets the vivacity of citrus and the warmth of spices.
  • The comforting embrace of cocoa is enhanced by notes of citrus, reminiscent of festive winter gatherings.
  • A gluten-free promise ensuring a cup that delights in taste and health alike.
  • Perfect for those who seek a thrilling twist on their usual hot cocoa, or for an unforgettable gift.
  • An ideal brew for festive celebrations, family reunions, or simply a quiet moment of reflection.

The Stephen's Gourmet Experience

We at Stephen's Gourmet believe that every drink should be an event. With our 16 oz Citrus & Spice Wassail Hot Cocoa, you get an invitation to an opulent celebration, not just in terms of quantity but also quality, depth, and an unparalleled taste journey.

Stephen's Gourmet: A Chronicle of Culinary Mastery

Each tin of our Citrus & Spice Wassail Hot Cocoa tells a story of gourmet craftsmanship. Sealed in a practical re-closable container, it is the embodiment of luxury and tradition, destined to be the centerpiece of memorable moments and heartwarming occasions.

Trustables Presents: The Pinnacle of Flavor Exploration

Welcome to a curated world of excellence with Stephen's Gourmet Citrus & Spice Wassail Hot Cocoa, proudly showcased by Trustables. This selection mirrors our dedication to offering only the best. With Stephen's Gourmet, you're not just indulging in a drink; you're partaking in a legacy. Trustables ensures that every sip is not just a flavor encounter but a benchmark of elegance and trust.

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