Stephen's Gourmet Chocolate Mint Truffle Hot Cocoa Mix, 2.5lbs

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Stephen's Gourmet: A Luxurious Expedition into Chocolate Mint Truffle

Embark on a decadent journey with the Stephen's Gourmet Chocolate Mint Truffle Hot Cocoa Mix in its majestic 2.5lbs edition. Conjured with the world's premium ingredients, this cocoa mix encapsulates the harmonious union of luxurious chocolate and the refreshing aura of mint truffle.

Savor the Distinct Elegance of Chocolate Mint

At Stephen's Gourmet, we don't just create cocoa—we craft memories. Witness the masterpiece where the richness of chocolate serenades the invigorating notes of mint, offering a symphony of flavors that both invigorates and comforts.

What Sets Stephen's Chocolate Mint Truffle Cocoa Apart?

  • Relish the intricate melding of premium cocoa powder with the effervescent notes of mint truffle.
  • Experience a velvety concoction that perfectly balances richness with refreshing coolness.
  • A gluten-free masterpiece, welcoming everyone to partake in the celebration of flavors.
  • An exquisite choice for memorable gatherings, ensuring each sip is an embrace of luxury.
  • Perfect for festive occasions, adding that extra sparkle to your cherished moments.

A Celebration in a Canister

Encased in a bountiful 2.5lbs packaging, Stephen's Gourmet Chocolate Mint Truffle Hot Cocoa Mix isn't just a beverage—it's an event. Be it a chilly winter evening or a grand celebration, this blend promises moments of sheer joy and opulence.

A Legacy Brewed in Every Cup

Every serving from our Chocolate Mint Truffle Hot Cocoa Mix tells a tale—a story of passion, dedication, and an unwavering commitment to excellence. Dive into the world of Stephen's Gourmet and revel in a cocoa tradition that’s second to none.

Trustables Showcases: A Cocoa Experience Par Excellence

Presenting Stephen's Gourmet Chocolate Mint Truffle Hot Cocoa Mix, a signature selection from Trustables, epitomizing our pledge to offer only the finest. Every sip of this luxurious blend resonates with the hallmark quality of both Trustables and Stephen's Gourmet. Celebrate life's finest moments with a cocoa experience that's truly unparalleled.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Angela Mann
Mint truffle Hot Cocoa

So delicious!

Todd Olson

Excellent chocolate!!!

Jessica Carter

Ordered some hot chocolate that would have cost twice as much on Amazon. I was a little nervous because it’s so hard to know which websites to trust nowadays, but it arrived as ordered! Took a little longer than Amazon, but not too long, and it was worth it to save so much money.

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