Sticky Fingers Smokehouse Barbecue Sauce Memphis Original, 18 Ounce

Sale price$3.99


  • Authentic slow-cooked Memphis BBQ flavor, with just the right blend of spice and sweet
  • Made with rich dark molasses
  • Use it as a marinade, a glaze, or just pour it over pork, ribs, chicken, or beef; and try dipping your fries in the left-overs
  • Gluten-free and certified Kosher
  • Always authentic and delicious, we encourage you to enjoy it often and in good company.

Natural molasses and just the right blend of barbecue spices give this sauce that authentic slow-cooked Memphis "wet-sweet-tangy" flavor. Mmmm - got chicken, ribs, or brisket? Use it as a glaze or marinade. Or put it in a bun with chopped pork, pickles, and slaw and have yourself a Memphis classic. And don't forget to pour some on the side of your plate for dipping. Gives burgers more zip – and some folks even use it instead of ketchup on potatoes and fries. Gluten-free. Shake well before use and refrigerate after opening.

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