Sun-Maid Blue Raspberry Sour Raisin Snacks, 0.7 OZ, 7 CT

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Sun-Maid Sour Raisin Snacks are a delicious treat for you and your family. Kids love the sour taste, and parents love they are made from real whole fruit with no added sugar or artificial flavors. These grab n' go snacks are gluten and GMO free making them a perfect addition to any lunchbox. Make Sun-Maid Sour Raisin Snacks part of your daily routine, at home or out and about.

Sun-Maid is the timeless and trusted go-to snack that's simple, healthy and versatile. Try all the delicious flavors: Strawberry, Mixed Berry, Watermelon, Blue Raspberry and Grape. Founded in 1912, Sun-Maid Growers of California is a farmers’ cooperative of 750 grower families with vineyards in California’s Central Valley. From childhood to adulthood and generation to generation, Sun-Maid snacks have grown up with you. And while some things change, our ingredients haven’t—they’re real, minimally processed and consistently good. The timeless and trusted go-to snack that’s simple, healthy and versatile, Sun-Maid fills each day with moments of sunshine, one little red box at a time.


Customer Reviews

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Walter Webster
Amazing product

I loved these because they are preservative free and very tasty. I use this ones in cooking hot breakfast cereal or baking. Love this!

Isabel Francis
Very Good Quality

These are delicious, fresh and tasty and seem priced fairly. My kids will eat these and they are keen to open another pack. Amazing raisins!

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