Wickles Pickles Wicked Okra ~A Spicy Southern Tradition With A Twist, 16 OZ

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Wicked Okra

Pickled okra is truly a southern gem, and we couldn’t resist putting our unique Wickles Pickles spin on it. Punch up a Bloody Mary, toss them into your gumbo or dress up a plate of shrimp and grits – you won’t be disappointed.

A southern tradition with a spicy, Wickles twist. Your gumbo and Bloody Mary's will forever change with our Wicked Okra.

Wickles Pickles Products

Wickles and sandwich spreads give you a custom blend of spices and fresh ingredients that brings you exciting new tastes derived from their secret, 90-year-old recipe that used to be reserved for family and friends who were lucky enough to get a jar. 

Customer Reviews

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andrea Nguyen
very good

Wow these are so good. They are not slimy and mushy like some out there. They hit you with the sweet then the tang. I recommend these to anyone that loves okra.

andre Morris
Great Taste

These are so delicious! A little spicy but not overpowering. Perfect with a sandwich or alongside potato salad. Fast shipping and well wrapped.

Anderson Flores
Love it !!

These are my favorite Wickles product. I can eat a whole jar of them with some low fat cottage cheese. They are sometimes hard to find locally so it is nice to be able to order them online when necessary.

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