Ziploc Zip'N Steam Medium Cooking Bags, 10 CT

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Ziploc Zip'n Steam„¢ Medium Siz Steam Cooking Bags. For Healthy Meals In Minutes. Recipes Inside. Steam Cooking Bags. Medium. 2-4 servings. 10 bags 7 1/4 in x 8 in (18. 4 cm x 20. 3 cm). Cooking Solutions From SC Johnson, A Family Company.


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Customer Reviews

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Janene Downey

We have been trying to get hold of steamer bags for years (they stopped making them or selling them in Australia a long time ago) and were thrilled to be able to buy these online as we couldn't find them in the supermarkets in the USA either. These are really a fantastic product - they steam vegetables to perfection, can be reused and these Ziploc Zip 'N Steam bags are even better than previous brands we have had as they give you a microwave timer guide on the bags for various foodstuffs in both half and full bag amounts - brilliant!! Wish we could buy these in Australia, they really are extremely handy!

BENNETT Rodriguez
perfect size bags

These zip bags are perfect for me; I use them at work for steaming broccoli.Really easy to checkout and everything was perfect.

benjamin Garcia
Good Quality

I love these microwave cooking bags. I have been using them for years, initially being able to buy them in supermarkets. At that time, each package also contained recipes to use with the bags and there were additional recipes available on the website.

benito Davis
Steller deal

I love this product. Like other quality Ziploc bags, these in particular are special - an easy to use slider, an easy to use guide on its use, and a great price! Buy your vegetables in bulk, and freeze them in these bags for future microwave and to-the-table enjoyment in mere minutes. I find this method much easier than my somewhat awkward machine that supposedly vacuum packs and preserves - with Ziploc Zip n Steam! And, this was a terrific price deal from this provider - great price, very fast delivery, and well-packaged too. Thanks!

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