Gerber 2nd Foods Apple Chicken, 8 oz

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Gerber 2nd Foods Apple Chicken: An Introduction to Delightful Tastes

Experience True Nutritional Goodness

Gerber, an established leader in infant nutrition, not only excels in delivering flavors but also ensures that every product carries the hallmark of quality and essential nourishment for your baby. Each bite is meticulously crafted, tested, and loved to perfection.

Unveiling the 2nd Foods Series

The journey of flavors evolves rapidly for babies. Gerber's 2nd Foods series serves as the next exciting phase, introducing your child to diverse tastes and essential ingredients. It's more than food; it's a sensorial exploration for young palates.

Apple Chicken Delight in Detail

Every tub of the Apple Chicken variant promises a blend of natural goodness: - *Pure Ingredients*: Contains the essence of 1/4 cup apple, 1.5 tsp of chicken, and 2 tbsp of sumptuously cooked rice. Health First: Prioritizing your baby's health, it is unsweetened, unsalted, and free from artificial colors or flavors.

Trust in Gerber

Each serving is a testament to Gerber’s unparalleled commitment to quality. Inspected by the USDA for wholesomeness, it's a product that not just feeds but nurtures your baby with wholesome care.

Specifications at a Glance:

- **State of Readiness**: Ready to Eat - **Form**: Pureed - **Package Quantity**: 2 tubs - **Age Level**: Suitable for 6 months and up - **Net Weight**: 8 ounces - **Origin**: Proudly made in the USA or imported

Nutritional Insights

Delve into the nutritional details of what each tub offers: - **Calories**: 100 - **Total Fat**: 3g - **Total Carbohydrate**: 16g, with Dietary Fiber at 1g and Total Sugars at 9g - **Protein**: 1g (Note: Nutritional values are based on a 2,000-calorie diet.)

Quality Ingredients

The ingredient list showcases simplicity and transparency: Apples, Apple Juice, Ground Chicken, Water, Brown Rice Flour, Canola Oil, and Ascorbic Acid. All curated to give your baby the best.

Alerts & Allergens

Always prioritize safety. Please delve into the product details and warnings before serving to ensure the utmost care for your baby.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Ava Gray
Amazing product

Before giving it to my child, I tasted it. It has a lovely pleasant flavour and a smooth texture. Infants and toddlers are quite simple to feed. They enjoy the taste, and it's also extremely nutritional.

Sasha Wyatt
Very Good Quality

I frequently buy this since my daughter enjoys it. Every day at breakfast, she consumes this cuisine. The nutrients in this are excellent for the newborn and are constant in quality. My child loves it!

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