Gerber 2nd Foods Gravy Jars Variety Pack, 6 Chicken, 6 Beef, 12 CT

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Gerber 2nd Foods Gravy Jars Variety Pack: Nourishment in Every Bite

Discover Wholesome Nutrition

Introducing Gerber's legacy in every jar – a blend of love, care, and wholesome ingredients that have passed rigorous quality tests. Gerber ensures every bite is not just food, but a stepping stone to a lifetime of healthy eating.

Why Choose Gerber 2nd Foods?

Your baby's taste palette evolves quickly. Gerber 2nd Foods are crafted to expose them to a symphony of tastes and ingredient combinations, encouraging a love for diverse flavors. Each jar is a journey, moving beyond just sustenance to an experience of varied tastes.

Meat & Poultry: Source of Essential Nutrients

Both meats and poultry are vital for your growing child. They serve as rich sources of zinc – an essential nutrient for babies. Dive into the goodness of protein with each jar, providing the building blocks for growth and development. Gerber 2nd Foods Beef & Gravy: Boasting 8 grams of protein and catering to 30% of the Daily Value of Zinc, this jar ensures a balanced diet for your little one. Gerber 2nd Foods Chicken & Gravy: Equally nutritious, it offers 7 grams of protein and fulfills 10% of the Daily Value of Zinc, all blended in a savory gravy that babies adore.

Quality You Can Trust

With the USDA's stamp of wholesomeness, rest assured that every Gerber 2nd Foods Jar upholds the highest standards. There's no room for artificial flavors or colors, and each product proudly carries the Non-GMO Project verification.

Caring Instructions

To keep the goodness intact, always refrigerate after opening. For best results, consume within 2 days. Suitable for babies aged 6+ months.

Why Gerber?

Your baby deserves the best. Gerber's legacy is built on the foundation of providing not just baby food, but a wholesome experience. Introducing them to the richness of fruits, vegetables, and other ingredients, every Gerber product resonates with love and meticulous care.

Product Specifications:

- **Brand**: Gerber - **Model**: 632432333304 - **Manufacturer**: Gerber - **Baby Food Stage**: Stage 2 - **Dimensions**: 9.50 x 7.00 x 6.38 Inches Note: We pride ourselves on presenting accurate product information. However, details provided come from manufacturers, suppliers, and other third parties, which we haven't independently verified.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Jason Roberts
Amazing product

I have tasted it before giving to my son, tastes very fruity and texture is very smooth. Very easy to feed babies and toddlers. They love the taste and it's very healthy too.

Dog FoodFlavors lol

Perfect to start introducing your baby to new foods & tastes! This is a good sized pack, lasts awhile because we mix it up

Glenn Glenn
Turkey & Gravy got a thumbs up

My 8 month old liked the turkey and gravy the most

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