Gerber 2nd Foods Jar, Beef and Beef Gravy, 2.5 OZ

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Nourish your Sitter with Gerber 2nd Foods Beef and Beef Gravy baby food. This tasty treat is packed with 8 grams of protein and 30% of the Daily Value of Zinc to help maintain a healthy diet and contains no artificial flavors or colors.

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Glen Ashley
Very good

Baby food from Gerber is of exceptional quality and taste. My child is a little fan of Gerber. Incredible Quality and packed with nutrients. Quite amazing, got a great deal on it here!

Kaydence Petersen
Perfect !!

The taste seems to be my daughter's preference, and I like the iron content. It is very easy to digest and quite rich in all vitamins. Although the taste is only slightly authentic, she enjoys it and considers it to be her finest source of a healthy diet.

Aya Knowles
Very Good Quality!

This has a better flavour and a pleasant flavour. My youngsters seem to enjoy it. I examined the nutritional info and found that it checked all the right boxes, therefore I am happy to give it to my daughters.

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