Gerber 2nd Foods Chicken and Chicken Gravy Baby Food Jars for Sitters, 2.5 OZ

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Gerber Chicken and Gravy baby food purees are a delicious Gerber mealtime dinner option to nourish your little one. Each 2.5oz jar with 7 grams of protein and 10% of the Daily Value of Zinc helps to maintain a healthy diet with & no added salt, artificial flavors or colors.

As your little one grows and develops from baby to toddler, they’re discovering all kinds of new things—including new tastes and textures. Keeping them nourished with essential nutrients and introducing them to new flavors is all part of the journey. Like your baby, we're always growing & learning.

Gerber Chicken and Gravy Baby Food Features

  • NEW TASTES: Continue your baby’s food explorations. Gerber 2nd Foods will expose them to a variety of tastes & ingredient combinations to help them accept new flavors. Non-GMO Project verified.
  • WHOLESOME SOURCE OF PROTEIN: Our meats & poultry are among the best food sources for zinc for babies. Inspected by the USDA, they contain 7 grams of protein per jar & no added salt, artificial flavors or colors.
  • PUREED GOODNESS: Introduce your little one to the goodness of fruits, veggies & other wholesome ingredients. Our baby food is lovingly made & quality tested before it's good enough to be called Gerber.
  • WHOLESOME OPTIONS: Introduce your infant or toddler to the goodness of fruits, veggies & other wholesome ingredients with Gerber pureed baby food, formula, cereals, snack cups, fruit pouches & more.
  • The health and safety of your little one has been and will always be Gerber’s highest priority. We're a leader in infant nutrition, not just because we grow food that will feed your little one, but also because we know what nourishment your little one needs

Gerber 2nd Foods help expose babies to a variety of tastes and ingredient combinations, which is essential to help them accept new flavors. You can feed your little one straight from the container, or add some to a bowl and refrigerate the leftovers for up to one day.

Gerber 2nd Foods Baby Food

Gerber Mealtime for Baby 2nd Foods Chicken & Gravy baby food, comes in a 2.5 oz jar. Continue your baby’s food explorations! Gerber 2nd Foods will expose your little one to a variety of tastes & ingredient combinations to help them accept new flavors.

More than ever we're committed to being your partner in parenthood with quality ingredients, nutritious food & expert guidance.

Customer Reviews

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Lauryn Cotton
Perfect !!

In the morning, this was definitely useful. My infant like the taste of the baby food and definitely appreciates it. Any parent seeking for something for their infant to consume in the morning should consider this, in my opinion.

Rene David
Very good

They are the ideal size for a snack in between feedings and my son adores them. It gives me the impression that I have given them a small yet personal gift. Nicely done.

Harlow Mcgowan
Very Good Quality!

It includes a combination of protein and other nutrients. We believe in giving this to the infant, who adores it. And it is always there to me.

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