Gerber 3rd Foods Baby Food - Pasta Primavera: Advanced Texture for Crawlers (8-12 Months)

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Gerber 3rd Foods Baby Food: Pasta Primavera - A Nourishing Delight for Your Little Explorer

Discovering the Flavors of Growth with Gerber

Unveil a world of diverse tastes and nutrition with Gerber's Pasta Primavera baby food. Curated for the evolving palate of your crawler, it embodies our commitment to delivering only the best to support their growth journey.

The Heart of Our Recipe

Varied Tastes & Ingredients: Our 3rd Foods recipes are designed to introduce babies to a spectrum of tastes and textures, which plays a pivotal role in their acceptance of varied flavors as they grow. Nutrient-Dense Delight: With each serving, provide your baby with 1 ⅓ servings of vegetables, 60% daily value of potassium, and 3g each of protein and fiber. We ensure they get the goodness they need, in every bite. Pure & Wholesome: Crafted without artificial flavors or colors, our Pasta Primavera is also unsalted and Non-GMO Project Verified, aligning with our promise of purity.

Perfect for the Little Hands

Our advanced texture is tailored to cater to crawlers between 8 to 12 months, ensuring they can relish their meals whether they're self-feeding or you're guiding the spoon.

Convenient Packaging for Modern Parents

Our baby food jars are meticulously designed for ease: - **Easy to Open**: Dive straight into feeding without any hassle. Resealable: Whether you're at home or on the move, the easy-to-reseal feature ensures the freshness is locked in, allowing refrigeration of unused portions for up to two days. Pack Information: This delight comes in a 12-pack, each jar weighing 6 oz, ensuring you're always stocked up.

Trusting the Gerber Legacy

At Gerber, the well-being of your child isn't just a priority; it's a passion. As pioneers in infant nutrition, we take pride not just in the food we grow but in our deep understanding of the nourishment your baby requires. Our legacy is built upon unwavering dedication to quality, purity, and nutrition, making us a cherished partner for countless parents worldwide.

Customer Reviews

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Sasha Wyatt
Amazing product

Baby food from Gerber is of outstanding quality and taste. My child is a little fan of Gerber. Incredible Quality and full of nutrients. Quite amazing, got a great deal on it here!

Casey Pearce
Very Good Quality

My daughter loves this so I buy it often. She eats this food for breakfast every day. This is consistent in quality and have better nutrients for the baby. My baby loves it!

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