Gerber Juice, Apple Prune, 4-CT, 16 OZ

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Gerber Apple Prune Juice: Pure Goodness in Every Bottle

Introducing Healthy Habits with Gerber's Apple Prune Juice

Pave the way for a nutritionally rich journey with Gerber's Apple Prune Juice, a delicious blend meticulously curated to fit your baby's and toddler's needs. Encourage the love for fruits and healthy habits with every serving.

Natural and Authentic

Our dedication to quality and authenticity is evident in every drop: - *Pristine Origins*: Our apples are sourced directly from trees, never picked from the ground, ensuring nature's best reaches your baby. - *Prune Purity*: Specially made from D'Agen prunes, our juice retains all the natural goodness.

Nutritional Highlights

- *Dietary Brilliance*: Each 4 fl. oz. serving is a powerhouse, giving your baby 100% of the daily value of Vitamin C. Zero Additives: Our juice stands out with no added refined sugar, sweeteners, artificial colors, or flavors. What you get is pure, unsweetened juice with every serving equating to 1 fruit serving. Antioxidant Boost: The presence of Vitamin C not only aids in boosting immunity but also fortifies your baby's natural defense mechanisms.

Perfect for On-The-Go

Designed with parents in mind, our plastic bottles are perfect for tucking into your diaper bag without the worry of breakage. Ideal for those unexpected moments when your little one needs a nutritious sip on the go.

Usage and Care

Keep Gerber Juice in your pantry and always ensure refrigeration after opening. To maintain its freshness and rich taste, consume within 2-3 days post-opening. Remember, quality is paramount. Do not use if you observe a broken cap, neckband, or seal.

Specifications to Note:

- **Packaging**: 4-CT, 16 OZ (4 fl. oz. per bottle). Ingredients: Apple and Prune Juice from concentrate (Water, Apple and Prune Juice Concentrates), and Ascorbic Acid (Vitamin C). Non-GMO: Crafted with utmost care, ensuring no genetically engineered ingredients are used.

The Gerber Commitment

The name Gerber is synonymous with quality and trust in infant nutrition. Our Apple Prune Juice is yet another testament to this commitment. With each bottle, we promise purity, nutrition, and a taste that babies and toddlers will love.

Customer Reviews

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Casey Pearce

My kid does not really drink a lot of liquid, but she loves this. For summer weather when she needs a lot more drink, it's a supplement and liquid. She seems to like it, and it tastes okay.

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