Gerber Apple Cinnamon Puffs Cereal Snacks - Nutrient-Packed Crunchy Delight, 1.48 OZ

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A Flavorful Adventure for Tiny Palates

Step into a world of enticing apple-cinnamon aroma and taste with Gerber's Apple Cinnamon Puffs. Each bite promises an enriching flavor journey for your little one, crafted meticulously with authentic apple cinnamon zest.

Whole Grain and Nutritional Excellence

Not just a treat for the taste buds, these puffs boast of 2 grams of wholesome grains per serving. Infused with 5 essential vitamins and minerals, they are designed to supplement the nutritional needs of your rapidly growing baby.

Designed for Tiny Achievers

Mastering the art of self-feeding is a milestone in a child's growth. The star-shaped design of our puffs ensures they are easy for little fingers to grasp, promoting self-reliance and motor skill refinement.

Nutritional Facts at a Glance

Each serving of these puffs contributes to a balanced diet, featuring: Calories: 25 Carbohydrates: 6g Added Sugars: 1g Vital Minerals: Including Calcium, Iron, and Zinc among others. Vitamins: A spectrum of vitamins from Vitamin A to Vitamin B12.

Commitment to Your Child's Well-being

Gerber, a trusted leader in infant nutrition, remains dedicated to the health and safety of your child. Our Apple Cinnamon Puffs are not just about taste but also the profound knowledge of what your growing child requires nutritionally.

Freshness Sealed with Convenience

Presented in a resealable 1.48 oz canister, the puffs retain their crunch and flavor. Its slim and portable design ensures you can carry nutritional goodness with you, wherever you go.

Customer Reviews

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Carolina David
Best ever!

It includes a mix of protein and other nutrients. We feel like giving this to the baby, who enjoys it. It's always accessible to me.

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