Ken's Steak House Thousand Island Dressing, 16 Ounce

Sale price$4.99


  • A rich, classic blend of tangy-sweet flavors, and a must for every fridge
  • Equally irresistible as a salad dressing or condiment for sandwiches and burgers
  • A great dipping sauce and a key ingredient for recipes
  • Gluten-free and certified Kosher
  • Made from Ken's A Family-Owned Company

Thick and creamy meets tangy and sweet in this classic mix of tomato, oil, spices, and sweet pickle relish. An absolute all-time favorite salad dressing and condiment. Drizzle it on leafy greens or pour it onto your favorite sandwich. A staple in all sorts of kitchen recipes. Goes equally well on chicken, sliders or veggie burgers – so make sure to get an extra bottle! Gluten-free. Shake well before use and refrigerate after opening.

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