La Preferida White Hominy, 29 OZ

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  • UNIQUE FLAVOR: Although it's derived from corn kernels, hominy has a distinctly nutty, chewy, and sponge-like quality. Infused with a little bit of lime and salt, it makes the perfect mild-mannered addition to any dish.
  • VERSATILE PRODUCT: Hominy is great substitute for noodles or rice to bulk up soups and stews. Grind it up and it dry out into a powder which can be used to make tamale or tortilla dough. Stir fry with veggies and seasonings. Add to salads and casseroles for new twist!
  • CONSCIOUS PACKAGING: Our cans are made with BPA-free lining.
  • FAMILY-OWNED SINCE 1949: For four generations, La Preferida has been providing authentic Mexican ingredients you can trust. There's a reason we're named "The Preferred.

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