Mrs. Meyer´s Clean Day Hand Soap Refill, Geranium, 33 fl oz.

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Mrs. Meyer's Clean Day Hand Soap Refill, Geranium - A Floral Symphony for Your Hands

Floral Serenade

Bask in the rosy embrace of our Geranium Hand Soap. A scent that transports you to a vibrant garden with every wash. It's not just about cleanliness, but an experience that lingers, both in aroma and the softness it imparts.

The Gentle Geranium Powerhouse

We believe in efficacy without compromise. Drawing from nature's best, this soap harnesses the cleaning prowess of essential oils, while aloe vera and olive oil ensure hands are treated to a nourishing cleanse.

  1. Natural, with a Purpose: Beyond just cleansing, our Geranium Hand Soap is a statement. Free from parabens, phthalates, and artificial colors, it's an ode to what nature offers and a testament to sustainable choices.

  2. A Conscious Choice: Our commitment transcends our ingredients. By proudly wearing the Leaping Bunny certification, we emphasize that beauty and ethics can and should coexist.

Mrs. Meyer´s Clean Day Geranium Benefits

  • Rosy Radiance: The uplifting aroma of Geranium promises a sensory treat, making handwashing a moment of joy.
  • Nature's Touch: Essential oils, aloe vera, and olive oil unite for a blend that cleanses, moisturizes, and pampers.
  • Ethical & Pure: Championing cruelty-free practices, our hand soap ensures you’re making a choice that's good for you and the world.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Mrs. Meyer's Liquid Hand Soap

Excellent product high quality,

Olivia L.

Smells very pleasant! Geranium fragrance is a bit soft and perfect for daily use. Got it in just 2 days from trustables.

Lucas C.
Worked out quite Well

The scent is relaxing and reminds me of essential oils. Came packaged nicely and adequate box. really amazing work by trustables.

Elijah T.

Excellent hand wash liquid and very practical for daily use. Geraniumsmells so nice, I have ordered refill. Best cost on the internet is on the trustables site.

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